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Bumblebee tracks your properties using wireless technologies. The Sigfox network is central to the product. Sigfox provides a reliable low-frequency network that is highly efficient. This allows you to track your properties for several years with a single battery charge. 


The modules are supported by a high precision GPS receiver and allows you to track and trace your properties with our management system on your computer, tablet or smartphone you can monitor and control all your properties. 
Track and trace has never been easier !!


Click here for a datasheet. 


Product info: 


  • GPS / Sigfox IOT tracker 
  • Temp sensor
  • Motion sensor
  • 2000mA rechargable battery (avg 5000 messages)
  • Sigfox Zone 1 (other zones on request) 
  • Extreme performance GPS and Sigfox ! 
  • BBP (BumbleBee Buffer Protocol)
  • Note: (without USB charging cable)


Backoffice (Full license 1 year) :


  • Sigfox license
  • Hosting data
  • Support
  • API
  • Asset management in backoffice
  • Mapping in Google Maps
  • Configuring your personal profile 
  • Logging history

Bumblebee PRO v2.1+ Full License (1Y)

SKU: 017771 + 014302
€ 172,00Price
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