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About Bumblebee

Bumblebees IoT device communicates messages via the Sigfox network. This network has a global coverage and is expanding every day. The device is set to communicate via Sigfox zone 1 (Europe, South Africa and Oman). Sigfox had certified Bumblebee on power class 0U. Which means that it guarantees a 100% Sigfox range for a device both inside and outside. About Bumblebee:

• Manage Bumblebees
• Extensive events / API integration possible 
• Object Link to Bumblebee 
• Alerts and notifications 
• Overview on map 
• Geofence notifications 
• Sensor information storage (big data) 
• Cloud based / APP enabled 

• Sigfox GPS 
• Outdoor GPS, Indoor Sigfox localization 
• Machine I/O interface 
• Low entry hardware (less accurate very low purchase) 
• High precision 
• Sigfox certified 
• Multiple battery options 
• Wireless recharge optional 
• Custom housing optional 

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